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Bev, yes, def wanted your honest opinion…I didn’t think about Golden Retrievers & their hip problems…is this why too much time up on hind legs not good for her?  Could this cause physical problems for her down the road?  Def don’t believe in harming dogs for our amusement. 

Have read several comments from DB members about not dressing up dogs, but have never read why.  Is that bad for dogs in some way if they don’t seem stressed or resistant when the person puts the clothing on?  I’ve never been interested in dress-up myself, but see this a lot in pet supply stores.  Do you think simple over-the-back “coats” are ok for cold weather walks for dogs who mostly live indoors?…and if not, why?  I have thought about this for Fraggle for long, cold, breezy walks…his fur single coated & not near as thick as Brady’s…would like your opinion on this. Thanks, Bev.


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