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I’m thankful for a park to walk with or without my dogs where I don’t have to worry about my dogs or myself being dog attacked or even jumped on.  I couldn’t go there if I had to worry about that, wouldn’t be enjoyable. 

Now my neighborhood, mostly safe to walk in, but have encountered an aggressive dog a couple times, coming off his property, into public street, challenging me.  Since that’s how people’s dogs are killed by other dogs here, with the person going to emergency room to be stitched up, It’s obvious to me that a person cannot always save their dog from being killed by another dog while walking.

So I must carry 2 forms of protection (not gun).  Love dogs & haven’t had to use, but I would be negligent, knowing what I know, not to carry protection & protect my dogs to best of my ability. At park I go to people ask if their dog can meet your dog.  Have been told several times, “not a good idea”.  Better for everyone, dogs & people.

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