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Typed response & it, too, disappeared.  Will take more than that to discourage me. LOL  So here we go.. 

Bev, gotta love ya. My protection is metal stick & pepper spray.  Have asked dog trainer best ways to use metal stick. Would not carry a gun although legal if holstered “in plain sight” cuz live in suburbs of single, detached houses…bullets can richoche, accidentally hitting innocent person…so not good idea IMO. 

Maybe dif world over here, but there are dogs who attack & kill other dogs & occasionally their owners while same are walking in their own neighborhoods.  Dogs who attack are usually dogs who spend most or all of their time in back yard.  But not always…have been times when dog’s owner or their child opens front door & aggressive dog comes charging out.  But usually dog climbs or jumps his back garden fence & charges innocent dog being walked on leash by owner.  Frequently attacking dog has seen walking dog go by their house before, but this time he decides to come over fence & attack.  There’s dogs all over neighborhood who bark from their back yards or front windows.  No way to know which dog will someday kill your dog & either hurt you or kill you while trying to save your dog’s life.  When it happens, these dogs are not bluffing.  They charge you in a sudden attack & once they knock you off your feet or if you go to ground to cover your dog as many people have done, the attacking dog then goes for your face or throat…anything to get at your dog, which is what they really want.  This is not a dog fight.  This is a full on attack & unpreventable by walking person…more often than not, a woman.  Woman goes to hospital (tho occasionally dies), her dog either dies at scene or is taken to vets for surgery & care.  Hopefully dog lives.  Sometimes not. 

Another problem w/these aggressive dogs is that they sometimes climb or jump their chain link fence (or pull their stake out of the ground if they live on a chain in back garden) that separates them from their next door neighbor’s dogs.  They attack & frequently kill their neighbor’s dog even tho they have seen them many times before.  I am having this problem now.  Dog of very strong breed moved in next door several months ago at age 6 months.  Immediately she decided she did not like my dogs, barking & snarling.  Goofy, friendly Fraggle wagging his tail with relaxed body position. 

Hoped since just a puppy, she would grow to like Fraggle & Brady (who mostly either stands behind Fraggle or walks off & ignores).  Now it’s several months later…dog bigger, stronger, more aggressive than ever.  Hates Fraggle the most.  Fraggle in love w/her…has no clue, still wags his tail & play bows…wants to play chase up & down fence, also meet & greet like he does w/back neighbors friendly dogs.  Fraggle & Brady in back garden only small part of day, but feel like I now have to go out w/them even when I don’t want to.  Very inconvenient to me.  What good is my fenced garden if I have to escort in cold, rain, pajamas?

So I have to have 7 foot wooden fence installed in January when flowers are completely dormant as they will be trampled during installation.  I can in no way afford this.  I am of modest means, which is nothing shameful in this country as long as one works & makes one’s own way.  I sacrifice other things in order to have my dogs groomed on regular basis cuz washed dogs are my priority.  Yes, clean freak, I know.  This just me…hold no judgement of others.

I have no problem w/trained dogs off leash in public park.  Problem is vast majority of people do not train their dogs & still want to have their dogs off leash.  They like owner of dog circling Uno.  They like owner of choc lab.  They like owner of American bulldog (twice?? what was owner’s reaction/reply?).  Dogless people & people w/dogs on leashes would be run out of park if there wasn’t a strict park rule that dogs must be leashed.  Just like in Suz’s case.  This park is calm, relaxing, safe…never once seen a dog fight or even a tussle…nobody gets attacked or even bitten.  Children & dogs (Re Manny) aren’t afraid. 

There are fenced dog parks for dogs to play, tho not nearly enuf & you have to drive a ways.  Other than that, it’s go out to the country & find land owner or farmer willing to let you hike w/your dogs off leash.  Even then, one has to remember there are coyotes about & some are losing their fear of humans as their populations increase & they move closer to where humans live..that’s a whole other story…

Believe me when I say people here don’t train their dogs & they do not use good judgement when it comes to protecting others from their dogs.  So all dogs get leashed in the park I go to…I don’t go to parks where people don’t follow that.  And my dogs & I always have a positive experience at the park.


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