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Have had only 3 dogs.  First was only puppy & sorry to say now, was 6 wks to the day…everyone back then said as soon as weaned, 6 wks fine.  Plus she was my first dog & I didn’t know what I was doing.  Didn’t know there was anything to know except the basics that various people told me, like feed 4 times/day, then taper off to 1.  Like train pup to use newspapers to potty while you at work & go outside when you home.  Like leash train w/choker collar (what’s that?).  No one I knew took their dog to obedience class, not sure I’d even heard of such a thing. It was a completely dif world in the 70’s.  Even vets would suggest things they would never suggest now & they were supposed to be the educated ones folks looked to for advice. For younger adults, it would be hard to imagine if they weren’t told.  The dark ages here.

Now I cringe at the mistakes I made.  And don’t remember how I ever trained her to sit, stay, lie down.  Must have just taught by instinct, but sure now it wasn’t the best way.

Next puppy…8 – 9 weeks so can spend time w/mom & litter mates.  My poor dog loved people, but never knew the joy of being w/other dogs.  Nobody knew anything about socialization back then.  No such word.  Times have completely changed here, w/dog training everywhere, large pet supply stores all over, fenced dog parks, my choice of groomers & little dogs all dressed up…ooops, sorry, Bev…didn’t mean to cause blood to boil, but Bev, they everywhere here…don’t know why.  :confused:


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