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Have googled Mary Ray, will read her site later.  Honestly can’t tell that the golden looks like she not enjoying it…how can you tell? 

Understand what you saying about hips, joints, etc…thanks for answering.

    —Frags 😀

My oppinion? Teach your dog to stand up straight to you and give you kisses. Got that down? Now let him stand up to you and give you kisses for aslong as HE wants… The moment you feel him getting uncomphortable with standing up to you is just howlong he should be doing that for his own good. Am putting my money on it that no dog will last as long as the vid. No training or will to pls will change his anatomy. He not made to walk on 2 legs. Not that long. Dog will do for the reward, and will hide discomphort. So no, he will show no sign of disliking it until it waaaaay to much, and Godforbid.. Until too late…

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