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Bev, understand this not  desirable situation for me or anyone else here…we have no choice…we must deal with our reality.  I have no Brose to save my dogs from attacking dogs…that’s why it’s up to me.

I would not pepper spray a dog for growling at us.  I would spray & use metal rod on any unleashed dog with his teeth on my dog.  I will protect my dogs with spray & rod as you would protect yours with boot to testicle…and mind you, my dogs would be leashed, on public property (not in someone’s garden) & not growling at other dog when the other dog sank his teeth into mine.

These dogs are serious & they do not stand still for a slip leash to be placed over their head.  Two of these dogs live a few houses away from me. They got lose, jumped another neighbor’s fence to attack their lab, tearing off 2/3 of his tail.  Thank God lab owner was home.  These dogs have been lose several times since…I had animal control pick them up once myself.  Owners have been allowed to keep them…I just hope never when I’m walking…Have to avoid that end of street.

A few years ago a woman & her dog were both killed by 3 of her neighbor’s dogs in nearby county while in her own front garden.  Neighbor had been told repeatedly by animal control to keep dogs on her property.  She went to jail & the other women to her grave.

These dogs aren’t testing or bluffing…they are killing.  One of them tries to tear my dog apart, my only choice is to fight dog off.  That is my responsibility to my dogs.


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