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well its a bit sugar honey ice tea  :embarrass: really

lets face it – if you have a “leash reactive” dog are you going to be walking it in a park full of bouncy doggies ???? well uhmmmmm i wouldnt like to think so really because that would be silly and counter productive and pointless

to be fair in the past because i have had rescues etc that are reactive i have had this issue – and i have had people say “oh hes friendly he wants to say hi etc etc” while my dog is saying “mum get that dog out of my face before i rip its face off” – only ever once have i actually said what i thought to someone about this and thats purely because he said it was me and not my dog that i must have had a bad experience or something as to which i told him no my dog doesnt tollerate rude dogs and if you dont move yours out of her face she will attack it and she promtly snapped at said dog POINT PROVEN DUDE

what happens more now its other dogs seem to be allowed to run up to mine with this “omg look at all these new friends” attitude and when they get there its like “f*** me theres loads of them” then run off with their tail between their legs and often followed by mine going “ohhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy whats up we didnt do anything”

BUT the best thing about the artical is this list
contagious diseases – UHM they dont want to be out and about around other dogs lol
leash reactivity – counter productive walking them where you know other dogs are going to be ??????????????
service and working dogs – ok that can be forgiven i suppose
injuries and painful physical conditions – shouldnt they just be pottering in the garden or round the lanes near home ?
intolerance of other animals – see above
recovery from surgery – and again
fearful of unfamiliar or rowdy dogs – uh repeating ones selves
aging and elderly – again see above
learning self control around other dogs isnt this the same as the above ?
are owned by people that want to be left alone – yeh this is so me hence planing the move to my own private island – we live in a world with OTHER people get over it.

is that what you meant Bev ?

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