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Don’t encourage her she has eaten some rabblt stew, and cheesy eggs today so think I maybe forgiven sort of, all hand feed of course she could not possible eat out of a dog bowl  :surrender:
She’s doing really well wound looks good Arnica and Rhus Tox going down nicely, draws not growing  😀  will tidy them up this weekend and take her tail back a bit, Its offends my eye looking at a vets trimmed backend,  Mel still can’t work out were they have gone she looks so funny following her down the path keeps looking back at me as though I have stolen them

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i know how she feels  😀
she needs a velvet cushion and a dish of lightly cooked lambs liver…hand fed in small pieces follwed by small bites of poached pairs in honey  ;D between naps and kisses
xx get well soon wee girlie

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