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Oh thanks so much for your quick reply, and good to know I can still feed RAW.

You’ve explained  the digestion perfectly……I thought at the time the stomach acids should have dissolved the bone, but then thought he must have swallowed some big chunks of bone, that his acids couldn’t cope with. :-\

The way the vet described it was the bone had been broken up, powdered if you like, but when it reached the colon, where the liquid is extracted from the faeces, the bone had reformed into a solid mass.

Doug isn’t interested in food tonight, but I ‘m going to start him back on boiled chicken breast…..little and often.
I have no idea about enzymes tho’ so if you could sort out a diet plan for him that would be great……..when you’ve got time…….I know you’re one busy lady.

I’ve asked here before about Dougs skin problem, was put down to a ”seasonal allergy” which would last about 6 weeks and then disappear till the next year. I controlled it with soothing cream mostly and we managed.
This year it’s got a lot worse and lasted 3 months or so. I had to resort to the vet this time as I’d run out of what to try for him.
He had 2 weeks of steroids :-[ It cleared up and within 2 days of stopping the pills it was back as bad as ever. I’ve had to wait 6 weeks for them to clear out of his system and he’s had allergy testing….results by this Friday.

I’ll have a good read of that link and print it out to show the vet when I go back for the allergy results.
Thank you so much for your help. 🙂

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