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You’ll probably be appalled at the way I feed :-[ but it’s worked well up until this recent drama.
Food I use…..
chicken wings
Prize Choice freeflow tripe
Prize Choice freeflow beef
Prize choice freeflow chicken
Breast of lamb, from butchers
Pilchards, sardines and prawns
Mashed up cooked veg…..carrots, broccoli. peas and anything else that’s to hand.
Raw eggs and shell but only occasionally
Apples/pears not on a regular basis.
Lamb and pork bones…….ribs and leg bones.

They get a dessert spoon of lamb, and either minced chicken or beef or tripe.
plus a teaspoon or so of veg and about 2 teaspoons of liver/kidney or heart.

I feed a mix because none of the dogs are keen on the offal unless I mix it in with other meat. Ditto with the tripe. But they’ll eat it in a mix.
It’s hard to give you an exact measurement ‘cos I do it by eye rather than weighing it.

Pilchards or sardines or white fish, sometimes tinned sometimes fresh, and a small handful of prawns. Plus the veg.

After every meal they get a small bone……either 2-3 lamb’pork ribs or a chicken wing only about once every 10 days they get a bigger bone.

I also give them 1 Dorwest Garlic and Fenugreek pill….daily for 3 weeks, one week off, and one squirt of Grizzly Salmon Oil daily.

I feed once a day in the evening. I tried feeding a.m. and p.m. but they won’t eat in the morning. So they don’t go too long without food, in the morning they each have a bonio or 3-4 gravy bones. :-[
I don’t feed any other treats…….although I do catch OH throwing them a piece of cheese or a bit of ‘human’ biscuit now and then. >:(
I think that’s everything.

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