Re: leash training to save looking through old posts


Oooooo thanks, Bev. I have been kinda doing a bit of it. Well, at least the stopping and looking into the sky. The only problem is, that ‘madam’ then doesnt get the exercise she needs as it takes us about an hour to just go round the block, which results in her being a nuisance round the house. Vicious circle! However, she is very good when we start for the walk, as I can open the front door and she will just stand there and wait for the lead being put on. So, should I do the stopping and standing every time we go out? I suppose so, otherwise the message doesnt get through, does it?

Also, when we took her out for a trial walk at the dogs home, there was no pulling on the lead at all. Why did she deteriorate as soon as she was ‘home’?

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