Re: leash training to save looking through old posts


I have been re-training Emmy on the lead.  Normally she has a Stop pull harness which was a doG send at the time of use.  But now she has her stitches under her arm and not allowed off the lead walks I have had to take for an hour walk around the streets on lead and collar.

Because she has clocked on that she only has a collar on she was an absolute nightmare!  I stuck to stopping and starting and apart from looking a donut!  it did get through to her (thank doG!)  I actually wanted to finally get her off her harness eventually but never got round to it :-[ so her having her stitches in has paid off for something I spose 😉

She still thinks she can pull at times, especially if she sees another dog or she knows she coming up to the park!  but apart from this it’s only been 3 days on the lead and she is starting to understand where she should be 🙂  Phew!! ;D

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