Re: Feeding – bev’s on a rant


the reason i posted this is because yesterday i had a client ring me to say her boys had both been really poorly on and off for a couple of weeks – she had taken them to the vets and of course the vet said what you feeding them on – natural diet says she – she got the lecture and came out having been sold a bag of food at the most ridiculous price – cos they ‘allergic’ – both of them? – starting at the same time? no  blood tests, no faecal samples – a therm up the bum a look in the mouth – double consultation fee £36, something to calm down their tummies (bless ::) an anti emetic jab each, a box diaralite solution sachets in cast they dehydrate, total bill £117 + vat – what did she find them doing 2 hours later – eating the well rotted farm compost off the garden! does she feel daft? – yep – is she going back to tackle the vet on monday? – you bet  ::)

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