Re: cueing to location…


as a dogs first introduction to clicker training asuming the clicker is charged and the rules are in place then 10 minutes sessions are enough – about 3 or 4 a day – make the sessions obvious ie they have a start and an end – with a here we go and thats it then all done and treat box free shaping objects put away – once the dog understands that the click means something good is going to follow then for everyday behaviours gotten outside of the training session you can click your fingers or your tongue and the reward can be praise. as the dog starts to learn then you can build up to 30 minutes but not before otherwise frustration and boredom will kick in – if that happens then stop and re start later – if the behaviour you are working on breaks down or starts to go weak then do something the dog knows and finds easy and always always end on a good note – so always finish we a postitive.

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