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Let’s take the poodle I love them easy to train clown of a dog the standards at least, but they are a dog with many health problems responsible breeders are working on the breeds many problems, including taking part in the beardies Beacon Health Study in the USA as both breeds suffer from Addisons.

Then we have the Lab every ones friend major problems as they are a popular house pet (doG now’s why) and have been bred to death.

look on this board for all the things these two breeds suffer from even in the hands of KC breeders

Why would anyone want to take two breeds that suffer many health problems both breeds have many eye problems elbows and hips to name but a few and cross them the poodle people would run a mile so would the lab people BUT not the pet market so what is happening is pet (no health check) poodles are being breed with pet lab’s (no health check) and they are crossing them and making huge amounts of money, as a groomer I am now seeing these poor dogs as Rough said the other day they are in her local rescue centre, I am clipping more and more and I am seeing dogs with bad eyes and terrible hips I have one client that has just had hip replacement on a 16 mth old labrawhatit.

All the ones I have seen and groomed have been big powerful dogs all have had lovely temperments I have had one sent up from the vets to be clipped as it was stressed by the huge coat it had, and lets not forget I live in a sleepy backwater in Dorset.

if a breeder makes a new breed ie the tailess boxer the very best of the breed both boxers and corgi’s were used no breeder would want to start with less than perfect it would be a waste of time and money if the breeder of the tailess (sorry can’t remember names) had bred a boxer without a tail but it was crippled with bad hips

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Thankx for the link Kiz, that explained a lot, why do so many experts claim that the planned crossing of two breeds is a good thing when it isnt?

Still a little confused on this one…bear with me….is it proven that the resulting puppies have more inherited problems or is it an opinion, or is it just what happens when they are bred irresponsibly?

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