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Just a couple of posts from another board by someone who actually works at the Guide Dog breeding centre.  🙂

Guide Dogs have never bred labradoodles. Guide Dogs have used labradoodles (bred by someone else) but never bred them.


Guide Dogs for the Blind Association is only in this country. (also with a small centre in Belfast)
But there are lots of similar organisations all over the world. GDBA have close connections with some of the other organisations. Sharing expertise in both breeding & training. I know we are one of the biggest ones & definately breed more dogs than any of the others.
Poodles – yes they have been used before, but a long time ago, as for the success? I’d have to look that up.
I do know that some of the labradoodles were successful Guide Dogs.

It is worth noting that the labradoodles were used many years ago & the breeding programme (& training too) has moved on since then.

I’m sure that if they had fulfilled their promise, then they would still be using them and probably would be breeding them for themselves.

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