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I know your not getting at me hun  😀 I seem to have a problem with getting my point across in writing, that sometimes I may read as being blunt or even rude but I assure you it is not meant that way  🙂 I guess I get a little carried away sometimes  :-[

I didnt mean that HD breeds dogs, I meant that the guide dog peeps do.
I get my information on HD via mags I have read or info on websites…so my info on them is prob not the most reliable..but hey, thats what I love about discussions like this, it get you all the info you need and corrects any misinfo you might already have.

As for the Guide dogs, I have a friend who works with that organisation…she gives her home and heart to retired guide dogs when she can. I only speak to her once in a while though, she lives far from me and has her hands full most of the time  😮
Funny thing is that last time we spoke we chatted about this very same subject, just after I saw an article about it in a mag (dont remember which one).

Oh, and I love the piccies btw!

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