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Hi Lisa

This is a hard one to answer as I have seen bitches mated on day 7 and another on day 23 the normal is for a bitch to bleed and as the days go on the bleeding gets less as the vulva swells, bitches are mated anything from day 10 onwards different bitches are ready at different times.
I have mated bitches that I own on day 10 12 14 and 17 so not much help really.

I have no problem exercising my girls as I have more than a few acres to do it in I tend to keep them on a lead when they are ready as they are all tarts.

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Hi all quick question, Does the bitch bleed for first 9 days, then stop in middle then start again till end (sorry if this is a dense question, never gone through this before. Always had males!!!) when is she most fertile and do I have to keep her in for the whole month???
She started yesterday, should I be doing anything or giving her anything and will her behaviour change??!! 🙂

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