Re: Free Shaping Snoozy


after the intro to freeshaping yesterday done with a favourite toy – we can get down to  using the method as a training aid – i have posted about snoozy in the past but have repeated it below:

‘I and most clients want the dog to be in the room nice and well behaved when they eating or visitors come, they don’t want to lock out the dog cos it a pain so i teach the snoozy. the dog is charged to the clicker and all the clicker rules are in place ok?

i put the bed on the floor in front of me, hold up a treat and wait…no voice at all – dog looks at bed – click reward – dog looks again – click reward dog looks – no click or reward – dog moves toward bed – click reward – dog moves to bed – click reward – dog moves to bed – no click or reward – dog looks at me as if to say – duh – well thats what i was getting rewarded for – dog touches bed with paw – click reward …..this is built up until the dog actually gets on the bed and then gets on the bed and sits and then gets on the bed and lies down – when he does that 5 times in a row – then i add the cue, mine is snoozy – i do it another 15 times saying the cue then that piece of bed is moved around the room and then around the house, clicking and rewarding each success  – i use vet bedding – my lot will go snoozy on a piece of vet bed 2 inches square – in anyone’s house, car, garden etc etc they do not view it as a punishment, there is no yelling go to your bed etc – they see the vet bed they hear the snoozy cue off they go they think they have taught it themselves – it gives them an enormous amount of self worth and it is kind’

so – the vid is sadie – who free shaped first time weds night for about 5 minutes – did the full exercise with the frisbee yesterday and now today in a total of 6 minutes – start to finish – does snoozy – verbal cue – anywhere with out hesitation – wow amazing – to me anyway bless her – such a peerie mootie wee thing but what a mind. ;D

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