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Not sure if anyone agrees with this but here goes. I have bred my oldest dog once she is a Staffie that we rescued as a pup, and has a wonderful temperament (so did the dog we put with her) All of the pups were of the same temperament and all went to good homes. We are still in touch with most of the owners.
Now the only reason I bred Holly was that I believe that they should have at least one litter. But a lot of thought went into the selection of homes and who to breed her with.
My other dog Ellie is a Dalmation and was again rescued. The usual thing at Christmas time when 101 Dalmations is showing and everyone dashes out to buy their children a lovely little pup.
Its when they begin to grow that the problem begins. Now Ellie is a wonderful companien to Holly and has turned into a lovely dog.
I would like to breed her but I will not. The amount of this breed that are rescued each year is staggering. People do not realise the ammount of time and energy it takes to look after this wonderful breed.
So putting any health issues aside this is reason enough not to breed Ellie even though part of me wants to.
Sad really because if people took on pets for life they would find out what true companions they really are.

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