Re: Management and Reward


ok – you need to put the bark on cue so you have the off switch – some behaviours are opposite the bark is one of them – bark hush bark hush – in order for the dog to totally understand the cue hush (as opposed to a dog that shuts up with a shut up yelled at him/her – that is a dog that is reading tone and body language and has learnt that that means belt up) then s/he needs to realise that it is the op of bark – so get the bark on cue by getting her to bark and rewarding it loads – when it is fluent then start rewarding the no bark – there is a post on here in full.  you need to have a visual signal for the hush – or a whistle that is louder than the bark – get it through the criterias – training starts at criteria 1 – then when she starts in the car you can switch her off. once she is quiet on cue then you can introduce training the other behaviour (notice the word other cos you got 2 behaviours happening here) of not being allowed out until she is sitting quietly – again using my ami as an example  – and cos i clever so so  ::) i tried to do the 2 at once – wrap (my no bark cue) and sit down or you not going anywhere – so she very quickly learnt to sit down nicely and howl instead – clever dogs move it on – 2 seperate behaviours 2 seperate cues to start with then when fluent – chain them so now – when we pull up somewhere that is mega excitable to ami – as the car stops i cue ‘ bunnieswaiting’ and she sits down and shuts up cos she knows she not getting the reward of being let out unless she does – is that better – with me?

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