Re: Free Shaping Snoozy


no offence meant here but its probably because of the way guys think

“anything i am not good at / dont understand is stupid”

one reason why clicker makes a good bridge is it is a consistant sound and not affected by stress of the situation especially good for higher criteria ๐Ÿ™‚

i’ve included this to show you wills … (please excluse slow clicks in this – camera, clicker, treats was all a bit much lol !!)

i’ll tell u what i think she is doing and bev can tell u what he’s really thinking !!!

ok at first he is sat, because i have a clicker and treats in my hand he will automatically offer a sit to try and “win” one because he has learned that this behaviour gets treats in the past.ย  none come along so he re-settles himself to try and get something … some waiting and watching me and then i get what i’m thinking of … a down i am aiming the click as soon as his bum hits the ground, because he good at this and garden low criteria he is just getting jwb/burns pieces.ย  he does it again some more and gets more rewards then he realises they stop and offers something else, a sit which is clicked and rewarded this time as its something different, then a down is rewarded – notice that even though he can hear daddy and harry in the bath here he is still staying down.ย  he then comes to me which i couldnt reward coz i had to move the camera and couldnt click then offers 1 front paw which i missed too, the last “sit click” is stupidly late – a good example of “what u click for is what u get” if i had kept on with this and paired it with a visual/verbal i would probably have got “sit and look to one side” then you can see him sitting as i offer my hand out as a target which i dont reward coz its not what i want and then he nose-touches (also clicked a bit late due to not being omnipresent !!) and gets a treat … the end !!

before i started clicker he would not have kept offering like this so i could trap new things (like 1 paw up) …

[img width=300 height=245][/img]

Claire ๐Ÿ˜‰

p.s. video 2 follow in an hour or so when its downloaded !

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