Re: Free Shaping Snoozy


until it is fluent and reliable without hesitation on cue then all freeshaping objects should be moved as soon as the session is ended – this is because the dog will carrying on working after you have stopped and then may lose what has been learnt due to not getting a reward ๐Ÿ™‚
my snoozy is 2″ square now and fits in my pocket – so when i want one /all to snoozy if i put that down they see it as a visual cue and go lie where it is – gundogs should be trained this way in MHO to lay down or sit at peg – try telling the old boys that ::) oh and the sit on a snoozy? i use a different colour! and ami’s special trick – put down the snoozy cue – she walks over picks it up lies down where it was gives a biggggg sigh and goes to sleep with it in gob ::) daft dog

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