Re: Free Shaping Snoozy


[quote author=gracie link=topic=3830.msg50806#msg50806 date=1151747113]
ok, did the snoozy today and she learnt it in about 5 mins!
just a quick question, the ‘snoozy’ mat should that be taken away when not in use or can it be left laying around?
i also want to thank minpin for sharing the vids with us, as from reading kizs posts thought i understood! but it want untill i saw the vids that i really knew how i should be doing it! thank you ;D

Gracie I’m so glad you found the vids helpful, if it benefits just one owner and dog then it wasn’t a waste of time / energy.

I have understood the concept of free shaping far better since watching Kizzy working with the minpins and the vids are great for me too as I can go back and watch them if I ever feel unsure or forget exactly what I should be doing.

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