Re: sunshine and dogs


keeping them cool – it’s too hot for dogs!!!

ice cubes in the water

flavoured ice cubes – veg juices like carrot, fruit juices like apple, mango

frozen kongs

frozen pieces of fruit and veg  –  a good one is water melon because of its water content

frozen bones and meat pieces

keep a spray bottle full of water in the ‘fridge – spray the pads, the tum, the genital area, the mouth,
inside the flews (lips)

to encourage them to drink – add a small spoonful of liquid honey or glucose to the water bowl – drop floating food treats in it so they play ‘bobbing the treat’

if your dog is becoming too hot and dehydrated add apple cider vinegar to the water and if need be shringe it down the throat – wet some vet bedding for snoozying on – find somewhere cool – put on a fan so it blows across the dog but not directly in to face  – encourage the dog to drink every 30 minutes.

some people remove water at night as they think this stops the dog wanting a pee in the night hours – it doesnt but that is not the point – this is not the time of the year to deny water – encourage them to drink as much as they want 🙂

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