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One body that thinks everything it does is right is never the answer they recon (last years figures) it costs £82 million annual running costs that are funded exclusively by voluntary donations and legacies yet they have only 323 uniformed RSPCA inspectors and 146 Animal Collection Officers (ACOs) in England and Wales does this sound balanced?

I make no bones that I have not the time of day for the RSPCA they went out of there way to upset everyone involved in the world of dogs from the people that Show,Agility,Obedience all of use by being given a large stand and then hanging a mega picture of a huge pile of dead dogs at the worlds show piece show Crufts some years ago not a great way of winning friends, they also alienate every breed rescue in the UK by not letting any of them even buy back rescues of their breed they consider themselves to be experts in everything and the goverment are going to go with this bunch………… So say they do and their work trebles are they going to be goverment funded? They had a programmes on TV in between the odd rescue they kept on repeating if only we had more Inspectors we could do more work, do me a favour they are the top earning animal charity in the UK they expect every clinic to turn a profit if not they are shut and on top of that the clinics are not local run they are central run, so any money that is donated does not stay with that clinic but goes to central office.

As much as I would like to see something work for the good of the animals I can’t see this working I have seen them leave animals in the most appalling conditions, I am not saying that some of the inspectors are not kind caring animal lovers just that IMO this is a top heavy self opinionated organisation.
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The RSPCA do more harm than good [/quote]

Whats the answer then, let councils or government look after animal welfare – would that be better, I seriously doubt it.  “true animal” people will surely want the facility in place to prosecute the b******s who abuse animals, and to remove animals to prevent suffering.

I agree with what claire said – you will always hear about the bad cases much more than the good ones, and it is incredibly easy to criticise and be negative.


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