Re: training – left and right – clicker style


you teach the dog to his/her left and right

so when you have the visual cue firm you add the verbal using the new cue old rule

the dog is facing you – your visual is your left arm/hand pointing the direction left – your verbal is ‘right’ opposite for the other way ๐Ÿ˜€

this way even if the dog is next to you and facing the same way – as in agility or a peg send away -s/he will go in the correct direction – it is the human that confuses things by ‘saying/double’ cueing right and using right arm etc – if you use the palm of the hand as the strong visual – you can then point the fingers as val says to act as a guide (not a cue) to backup the verbal – but that takes a highly driven dog.

for the dog the behaviour is the action of turning into the shoulder and following it’s nose

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