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I would urge you to enjoy your dog for who he is and not think about puppies.  As you say your dog is excellent temprament and I bet he is stunning looking from the colour and coat type too – enjoy him for who he is.  Although puppies can remind you of their parents they can also be very different (have a look at some of the comments on Val has daughters and daughters of daughters and comments that they are both alike, and different in their ways.

In my view, there are way too many unwanted and unloved puppies and dogs already and breeding “because you think your dog will make nice puppies” is no justification in my view.  To make sure you breed to achieve excellent examples of the breed you need to have the appropriate tests and scoring done on your dog to make sure he is actually good breeding stock.  Also it takes more than just an excellent dog to make good puppies.  It takes an excellent bitch having excellent human care and support and bringing up all the puppies for 8wks maybe longer.

An excellent pedigree does not mean your dog is an excellent breeding dog 🙂


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