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Hi and Welcome
Please pretty please love your boy and keep him a virgin if he had been any good for breeding he would be living with a breeder he would need all his health data (Has he had his hips scored) very important in GSD’s.

He would be shown he would need at the very least to have won his stud book number longhairs are not even shown, I posted somewhere on the board (Claire help) the last numbers the KC published I believe there were over 13,000 GSD’s registered in the last quarter of the Breed Record Supps this is a KC publication.

If you found a bitch owner to mate with your boy I guarantee it will not be a good caring breeder  you cannot make a clone of your lad believe me I have been trying to do that for years in a breed I know very well and have shown to top honours breeding is not for the faint hearted GSD’s are a breed that have come a long way in the last twenty years serious breeders have worked hard on many health problems within the breed
So please don’t breed him just love him for what he is your lovely boy.
Remember he is one dog he could sire a litter of twelve how would you like to hear of his daughter being breed every year or six of his children going through rescue or even worse landing in the wrong hands getting knocked about for a while then when he bites back gets put to sleep you as the sire’s owner will have NO say in the pups at all a stud any stud only supplies a service.
But here we would love to see a picture or three of him cos we like pictures on this board

Hello everyone

I have just registered and would like to know if there are any members in the Merseyside area who breed German Shepherds.  I have a beautiful three year old German Shepherd. Excellent pedigree and temperement.  I am not professional breeder just a German Shepherd owner – my favourite breed.  I would just love to carry on my dog’s line as he would produce such lovely puppies.  He is black & gold and is a long hair.[flash=200,200][/flash]

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