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is the topic with all the figures in.

Seriously, as Val says you are unlikely to find a reputable breeder who would want to invest the time and money (as it is a large investment looking after a bitch, whelping and bringing up all those puppies then vetting and approving homes etc…) in your dog.  It would be a HUGE risk as even if you paid for the tests and they were OK – there are literally thousands of Champion stud dogs out there for them to choose to mate their prized, expensive bitch with.

Dont get me wrong – I am sure he is really LOVELY and provides you with many hours of happiness and love. 

I hope this helps and I really hope it stops you from persuing this because there are nasty people out there who will use your dog to get “nice looking puppies” to sell for money and who knows (and do they even care) where they’ll end up.  Plenty of GSD’s in the mixed rescue I worked at – some pedigree, even one with showing success.

If you are wanting to breed him to HAVE one of the puppies I would really strongly advise you to contact a good breeder and enquire about their puppies instead 🙂


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