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Hello there,

Wow – touched a nerve didnt we !

I dont believe anyone said it took years to become a good breeder, it does take certain qualities but years isnt one of them aslong as you are supported right.  The lady who asked for help does not state she wishes to become one.  She was asking for information on putting her dog up for stud.  We simply gave the most responsible reply we think in the situation, as always and stated some of the pitfalls.

Regarding your puppy comment –
We do the same for puppies in the hope that we can educate the users and guests regarding what to look for in a “pedigree” or “mixed” puppy and questions to ask and things to watch out for.  We also advise if we believe a puppy is suitable for the owner who is asking about them.  We try and stop situations like the OES below where dogs are not gelling with the new family and no-one is around to give advice.

As for your “half an IQ to breed” comment – I firmly believe that NO people dont realise it costs time, money and needs knowledge to produce good puppies.  If they did why would people hand whole litters into rescue after their UN-NEUTERED and UNCONTROLLED dogs had “accidentally” (not an accident – unplanned but owners CAN prevent) got pregnant !!  It does not happen only to “accident dogs” either – there was a 10 week OES in the rescue near me recently.  Wow – they had it 2 WEEKS before shoving it out the door – TOO ACTIVE.  It was a pedigree dog WITH papers but the breeder had “mysertiously vanished” – mixed rescue is probably the worst place for a puppy with specific needs as so few people go who are eligeable.  If you think puppies go home fast – one lab cross was there from 4mths to well over a year, his litter mate 6 months, both lovely boys.


p.s. I would never breed or offer for stud a dog I owned without permission of their breeder first (also i believe some dogs now come with a “do not breed me” agreement which owners sign to stop breeding.

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