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I’m with Claire, Waggi and Helen on this one. Responsible breeders try their hardest to breed better dogs and try to improve health problems as has been said before. If someone wants to breed or stud their dog they need to have a lot of knowledge ie all the health tests for that particular breed and that in itself is expensive. My OH enquired how much it would be to have Barney tested even though we are not going to stud him and we were quoted around £200 for the lot. Also responsible breeders usually have homes for the pups BEFORE they breed them in the first place. I do not know a lot about breeding myself only this.
Also, I for one have appreciated all the help and advice I have been given by the people on this board!
And I think I am right in saying that Claire and Waggi are not breeders themselves! Also Claire has worked in Kennels so she knows first hand what it’s like to have these unwanted pups and dogs in.

Also, if it wasn’t for this board I may well have ended up with a puppy that could have been full of health problems!

Claire, hope you don’t mind me mentioning you working in kennels?

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