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Well Samoyed
Having look at the mail it must be me as all the other replies are from listers with companion dogs.
I was only voiceing an opinion based on observation as to what I read in this topic. I saw breeders being bitchy so i commented as such.

quote :

I think you just wanted to blaze red and blue ink, there are no BREEDERS that replied just one me I am the last BIG breeder last litter 71/2 years ago but knowledge of dogs and back room breeders far greater than yours.
So in your opinion it’s a case of sod it she wants pups let her go for it, well I am very sorry my conscience will not allow this.
If anyone on this list wanted to take up breeding and they asked I would put them in touch with the right people as is often done on this list, doG I may even show their new pup for them,  NOT can you put me in touch with a bitch owner so we can breed my pet dog doG help us we are talking GSD’s here, Not a safe breed but a big working dog that have health issues there are more than enough breeders she can buy a healthy pup off maybe even with her dogs lines in it.
I note there was no mension of a breeder nor a knowledge of hip scores etc I also noted she wanted the bitch on her doorstep, True breeders will travel hundreds of miles for the right dog as in GSD’s they even imported fresh blood lines into the UK

As Tjhoe has said she nearly brought a GSD off a backyard breeder with no health checks WE including myself stuck our noses in and she has now got the lovely boy she has to share her live with.

I found your mail offensive both to me and my friends that try very hard to breed sound healthy dogs and will fight to try and put an end to backyard breeding, puppy farms,pet shops that sell dogs, so if you don’t agree that in our own ways we want the same thing feel free to mail me privately but without the blaze of red and blue
Who is still deeply involved in multi breed rescue

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