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yes i was going to add more to my original post about this anyway πŸ™‚

OK .. well most of you know I have met Brose and AmiLou before for a walkies so i’ve seen them free running and honestly i wasnt really that taken with clumseys but yesterday ..

my road is a cul-de-sac and i was standing at the top of the “T” watching Bev take bonnie over to Brose (who was secured to a handy lamp-post) Bev gave her the cue to “work” and she stood there perfectly square with the sun behind her and the wind ruffling through her coat she looked so so pretty and I realised why Bev loves her so very much she is SO pretty πŸ™‚

anyway … on to the training part πŸ™‚

We practiced lead walking and then did some more with Brose as a distraction to get the “leaveit” cue aswell.Β  Bev then took bonnie up to brose and asked her to “go greet” and “greet nice” Bonnie is a slow reader of doggie language but Brose was giving out “i dont wanna know” and it took Bonnie 4 maybe 5 times to initially greet and back off when Brose told her to.Β  Then when Bonnie was listening better to Brose and taking cues from Bev I had a go and after i remembered to SAY the cues (lol !!) things went OK and the really interesting bit came πŸ™‚

Bev took brose and started fussing her loads “ooh lovely girl special princess …. etc” and ignoring Bonnie and Bonnie was good (i thought) and didnt barge her off like she would do with william dog.Β  (i should have asked why a bit more here but i was busy) as this was happening Brose was “2 paws” up on bev’s knees (sat down on a wall) and Brose was showing signs of taking over the management but she listened to Bev and let Bonnie learn – i am struggling with words too – to watch a dog and person so connected is amazing, next time i will video if i am allowed (hence i am not really sure why we did this bit) Bev – was it to see that Bonnie accepted she wasnt number 1 ?

Claire x

p.s. mum is knackered … anyone who askes Kiz in – sleep for a week beforehand OK !!!

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