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blimey where do i start – mmm
right brose and i have a mental link we are each 100% sure of the others body language at all times and also have a mental connection – her looking to cue is much more than that i am sure at times i ‘hear’ her in my head – the ‘work’ cue whilst verbal is not the real cue – just a reminder – more to me really – that she is ready and waiting – for her the cues are red collar on and my body language – as i have said each dog has about 10 sentences in the initial greet communication – brose actually has 12 – all these are on cue to me – ami has standard ten and i only have 7 of them cued at the moment  – so i can intercede at any time in the sentences from brose – these are on visual – claire may have spotted the 4th line of the sentence where i told brose to accept the interaction but respond with a no thanks hun not today – the sideways palm up sweep with left hand claire – on the third greet with me sitting on wall – i cued brose to turn her back on bonnie -this is a powerful sod off i said no and you dont scare me- not the ususal diffuser – she can turn on a sixpence if need be – when i did 2 step with brose (the paws on knee) i gave her the you can tell with force touch cue – that is when she growled – 1st time was a warning second time was an order. i incited the one to one with brose  so bonnie would get excited – i wanted to see if bonnie would read broses cued – ‘i said f off’ – which she did – at no point was bonnie in ‘danger’ brose knows when she is working and will follow my cues and let me take over the sentence responses 100% because she trusts me to protect her and knows i do not need protecting – if we in that situation then she reads me and we have deifferent cues for that.
when i got ami out – knowing that she has some sentences missing and her f off is stronger – i was confident that bonnie had learnt enough – ami’s first warning is a serious growl with the full nose curl 2nd warning is a snap – but i dont have both on a fully reliable cue so i have to manage her whilst also watching the other dog but i do have another dog greeting her and being allowed to sniff her bits on cue and that is what we did with ami – 18 months ago ami would have had her head off ;D

i dont mind a vid – but it is a bit complex ;D

ps – the reason i secure brose is so the person feels secure that my dog wont attack – not because she is not controlled or a risk – they need to see her in action first 🙂

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