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if emmy can speak dog well then she will read the other dog and if felt threatened by it then she would not be near it or come away from it in the first place – she does not feel threatened – this is the most common concept that owners come up with as an excuse – fight or flight is the rule – you are putting this in to human emotive speak – if she was truely scared she would run – she isnt she is in hunt mode – this is where gracie is at – it is not play – it is not protection – it is bullying

let me put it this way – i have an elderly retired pack leader – she speaks good dog but is deaf and arthritic – her body language is now influenced by her shoulder joint being stiff – if a young bouncy dog comes up to her she says sod off – so can she protect herself – and the other dog can see her weakness and takes advantage – whose responsibility is it to prevent this – why should she be subjected to this from another dog – well me – i send brose in

if she learns more dog language then she would be able to tell the other dog not today hun – if the other dog did not follow that then she would re-enforce the sentence – as ami did – then come away – if the other dog is not listening – that is when i slip lead it – stand off my dogs and hand it back to walker with a nice smile and a sarcastic – ever thought about training?

what happened with claire is that bonnie learnt that she is not in control and if another dog comes up then mum will take care of me and i dont have to take care of myself and anyway i dont need to bully cos i can now play nice if the other dog wants to which is much more rewarding than taking it on and having it run away

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