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oops – i didnt mean wills “manage” as in take over i meant that he would choose flight back to mommy if things got too much for him.

the worrying is from me, i imagine i have said “good boy” in some inappropriate place or other 50,000 times atleast which has made him constantly tell me he is “OK” – like in the first video’s of him and bonnie.

i am undecided whether he speaks dog ok sometimes i think he does, other times i think he doesnt – maybe you have it right val and that he does, and is good at it but i bloody re-inforce him with my worrying rubbish to make him worried 🙁  he is better round dogs i trust – hence all went swimmingly when he met yours, although i was more nervous about the pekes and all went OK when he met bev’s too but sometimes in the park things dont go as nicely its easy to say “ohits the other dogs fault” but surely if he can read dog then he should get out the way if they are saying mean things – or is it other dogs that cant speak dog that he finds difficult ???  if so why is he ok with bonnie who doesnt really speak dog and needs to be told “very loud and slow like a dimwit” (sorry brose !!)

my head is spinning …

wills was diffusing between jazz and bonnie on the beach bless his little heart x x x  theres no way u having him he is SO bloody special 🙂  bonnie asks that she be given a second chance when she is all squeeky and polished she’ll come and show you what a good girl she is another time ?  she said shes sorry she was a snippysnappy doggy and promises to try try try really hard to be good enough to play with the nice beardie doggies again

claire x

p.s. dont think i said – i met a beardie pup on holiday doG it was lovely but its claws were bl**dy scratchy !!!  oh and i twatted my head just before we left on the van stair-rail … still hurts now maybe it knocked sense into me ?

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