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oh and lisa graice is a bully too, she stalked a man and chased a little dog went i was out with bev, so now graice is not allowed anymore free running, infact at the moment gracie isnt getting any exercise outside the garden, but that coz she pulls on the lead, or did til bev came to the rescue, will have to take out for walkies tomorrow see how she does, (but she is getting loads of trianing and freeshaping so she is tired anyway)
anyway, im doing management stuff with gracie, the best place to be is around my feet and all that,cueing go sniff, go play, but she isnt to be more than 2 ft away from me, and as she is under management, if i see another dog i can call her back without her thinking ‘ oh im getting called back’, and looking around to see why and then not coming back because she then spots the threat
then when we get that far, im to put her on lead and ask other owners permission if she can greet other dog, after reading body lang that other dog is ok with it and eventually should be able to do this off lead as she will be under management!

kiz – i didnt realise that you had it all cued, so in gracies case where that little dog on beach had go away body lang, but it wants very strong, so gracie ignored. could you get brose to do that,(ie not a strong sod off)but then follow with stronger lang, if gracie had ignored

hope this helps lisa

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