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this is what i thought Layla would do.  i thought she would take one look at bonnie and give her an almighty bl**dy good telling “get out of my FACE you little c*w” but … she didnt – OH she told Bonnie alright but much calmer than i thought – really like “oh god – just go away yeah?  you’re sooo below me you little madam” it took several attempts but i would she was getting there but Val was stepping in to manage Layla so things didnt get out of hand … would you say i read that right Val?

so….. i learned that dogs, even real pack manager bitches – dont “go in for the kill” they give chances and Layla who i dont think is as highly cued as brose on each individual part showed bonnie that she was boss actually BUT because it wasnt broken down enough like Brose can and because i wasnt confident enough to manage bonnie effectively she didnt really learn the lesson …

can you see what i am getting at ? 

With a dog that has been specifically trained to work with other dogs like Brose has the capability to have the behaviours slowed down and stopped in some cases to allow bonnie to have it broken down “in big letters with pictures” so she gets the message.  incidentally i always believed that dogs who dont speak dog lacked puppy socialisation but now i know that it can be early seperation from mommy 🙁  oh my poor bonnie … i wonder what happened to your mommy sweetheart and at the same time i am so thankful you cannot tell me the details 🙂  ooh i do love my special girl i never thought i would feel the same having a girl dog but she’s lovely 🙂

we all do things that arent quite right 🙂  dispite reading the board i still walked both my dogs with amost no on-lead cues 😉

claire x

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