Re: training – left and right – clicker style


Wey hey, Murphy’s got the visual then !!!  😮

I point in the direction I want him to go and he goes!!  Woo hoo

I also, for distances, have a hand signal and a whistle for ‘lie’ too.  I am also teaching him the verbal, for left and right, by using the ball.  He goes hell for leather before I throw the ball and I throw it in the opposite direction he’s going in and just before the ball hits the ground I shout left or right, so that when he hears me shout left or right and the ball thuds on the floor he associates the thud with the direction.  Is that OK ?

The other night, when we were on the field, I did his commands using my visual or whistle cues (although I only have 2 whistles at the mo) and he did them with no problem!!!  😮

I want to know what the proper whistle cues are for when I get a whistle.  Also what are the ‘proper’ hand signals?  Can you just use your own?

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