Re: the best place to be….


it is all of that plus coresponding to the dog communicating to you – so if he is off free playing he will naturally look at you every few seconds – this is called looking to cue – the dog is saying ‘is this ok’ ‘can i carry on’ ‘are you going to tell me to do something else’ if you ignore this then the dog will reduce the number of times he does it and sometimes it goes altogether – i am always fascinated by ‘silent’ walks – folk out for a stroll with dog and in a world of their own. my dogs look at me after 3 behaviours – a turn – a nose in a bush – etc – each time they get a ‘go play’ ‘walk on’ or a cue like ‘stay by’ – ‘wait up’ or even a’good girl/boy’ anything to maintain focus. once it is lost it is hard to get back.

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