Re: the best place to be….


Tai just doesn’t seem that interested in me at all when we’re out on the lead.  Much more interested in sniffing, eating grass and bark.  I do speak to him, cue him to heel, say watch, stay close, good boy, and give him treats when he responds.  He’ll be okay for a few steps, then pulls off to sniff etc.  Maybe I need higher quality treats (using baked porridge oats + carrot & cheese), got some liver so going to make liver cake.

When we took him to the field, on long line, he did check in frequently and we said good boy, or go play or something to acknowledge his look.  But now, the walk to the field (only about 5 mins if we could go directly) involves so much pulling, stopping and turning, we don’t go every day.  We’re thinking he’s getting rewarded for all the pulling when we do finally get there.

Are we doing the right thing?


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