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I just wanted to say I’d not heard of them – only APDT and APDC.  I’ve looked at your site appro, and it looks all nice kind methods and stuff – definately something i’d reccommend a “newbie” looking into alongside the first 2 i mention.

Also, I think even seeing the different breeds in the flesh helps you appreciate them, see if you can get to some dog shows with breed classes and just experience the look of different dogs.  If you love dogs, it should be a nice day too !

Lastly, definately train your own dog 🙂  I found out recently that the person taking a training class I attended (and whose dog is obedient) has simply trained obedience and the dog is actually no good with other dogs etc…  along with other issues, its put me off.  I dont like dogs to be puppets – i like some dog left in them if you get me ?

Claire 🙂

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