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oh right well i had never had a problem apart from about 3 weeks back teddy started scratching like mad again and a few days later i saw a flea  🙁 and as he was fronlined they should be killed of after 24 hours and still scraching i rang the vets and they said as the spot on dosnt go in to the blood it just sits in the skin if using a de gressing shampoo it will dilut it till it dosnt work and said to use a shampoo with a serten % of sumthing and said a puppy shampoo or one like the melsabs would be best to keep the efects of it on the skin.

but if this is not true them i might go back to my old shampoo i was using, it reall upsets me to think u go and pay £20 just to walk trough the door to be told crap that isnt true thats the last time i go there with teddy thats for sure

thanks again

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