Re: Displacement


So, do you mean click when it’s in his mouth but delay the reward? Do I say ‘hold’ again then reward?

He does carry toys around, and tosses them up while playing.  He likes it when we throw toys for him to chase (he loves to chase!), he’ll pick them and ran about, but wont bring them back to continue the game.  Hence why I’m trying the back chained retrieve, but we’re not getting the hold.  Maybe he’s not keen on me holding the toy in his mouth?

The other problem is he sits down and wont move when we’re trying to take him out.  Obviously he’s not desperate for the toilet or he would be running, but the adverts are on TV and the film is about to start so it’s a good opportunity for a pitstop.  So the shoes and coat goes on, gloves, hat and scarf, and lead on, open front door and Tai sits down.  We try ‘Lets go’, running out trying to be exciting, but he’ll just sit.  Once we are outside he’s fine, sniffing and weeing quite happily.  But it’s just that initial sit down ‘I’m not going out there’ we trying to get around.


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