4 dogs boiled to death

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    when will people learn to stop leaving dogs in cars in this heat :'(


    i dont know kerrie…it not rocket science is it?….i put posters around as do other behaviourists, groomers etc..the rescue folk do the same…the rspca do campaigns…there are forums like this one where val and i put up stuff plus notices in vets,…even the security folk in car parks like tesco’s have had the training….it an owner problem isnt it?…they think they know best or when push comes to shove and they have to make a decision on what they doing lifestyle wise i guess the lifestyle wins…lord knows….
    it a bloody horrible way to die…takes up to 30 mins
    makes me fume…it just so not excusable in my book…..


    it isnt excusable and there needs to be tougher punishments for people who do this :-\


    Some people are brainless or they just don’t think >:(
    When we went to dog shows there were ALWAYS calls put out because some numpty had left the dog in a locked car so it was distressed.


    I was in a tesco’s car psrk today and a guy left his dog in the car, io was 12.30 ish =really hot I went up and offered to watch the dog for him,  I was in my groomers gear, but he refused, I pointed out that it can take minites for the dog to die, but he wasn’t interested, then a tesco employee came up and stood by the car, the guy opened up the window a bgit more so the dog could get his head out. I was so angry, the tesco guy said he would wait by the car  :nono:


    bad bad bad – sometimes I really hate people  >:(


    thats not good, i think that if a car is found with a dog in it in a supermarket carpark that they should find the owner over the PA system then refuse to serve them whilst they have a dog in the car >:D

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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