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    I have just finished typing up the fourth book in the set, I am now up to 1993 so only another 14 years to go *LOL.

    Below is the front cover, all the other covers are in black and white and the reason for this one being in colour is because th KC included the coat colours of minpins registered after 1987 in their breed supplement.


    Is that Harry on the front?


    You have done well Minipin 😀


    Jaydex no it’s not Harry and before you ask who it is I’m keeping  :-X *LOL

    Lassie It’s a labour of love  ;D


    Awww well done – so how many books will be in the set once its done?


    wow well done :-* I’m sure another 14 years wont take to long 😀 :-*


    Suz how many depends on how many Miniature Pinschers are KC reg’d, I guess the set will just keep growing *LOL


    I see! the books just for yuor reference or will you do copies if people want them??


    Wow well done Minpin!  Thats excellent!  🙂 🙂


    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=12481.msg241662#msg241662 date=1221857569]
    I see! the books just for yuor reference or will you do copies if people want them??

    Suz each book has its own ISBN and can be ordered via Amazon, Google Books ( both Amazon and Google take a little while to add new books) or direct from my website, so no they are not just for my reference.  🙂


    Ok I see – sorry am just nosy, good on you, have you sold many (see told you I was nosy!!) I think its a GOOD thing  :yes:


    I guess that depends on your definition of many…………

    Now can you keep a secret?

    Do you know what I plan to do when I have caught up to date, well it’s going to be spectacular, I’m going to ….oops can’t say as it is a public forum and public forums aren’t secret.  >:D


    if youve sold any then thats good – well is in my opinion long as people appreciate what youve done!

    and you too bad – thats mean – no click and treat for you!! :nono:

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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