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    I took Oscar to Pets at Home on sunday, to see about a car harness and get it fitted.

    While I was there, he attracted quite a lot of attention and people wanting to pet him.

    I was asked if he was a small great dane, or a foxhound/greyhound cross… which I thought was quite funny.  He’s a Pointer… but apparently they aren’t very well known.

    It got me thinking about other cases of mistaken identity we’ve had, the best ones that spring to mind are a boy exclaiming ‘mummy, why is that lady walking a fox?’ (meaning Simba, my tiny rough collie)
    and when I was a child we had a red miniature dachshund.  We were walking him one day and someone asked why we had a weasel on a lead…  :what:

    I find it quite funny, as I tend to know what most breeds are, or I just ask if I don’t know… but what other creatures have your pooches been mistaken for?


    Was once asked by a 4 year old if Nacho was a pony  ;D


    we usually get a ‘medium schnauzer’ or a ‘middle sized one’… but the other day we had ‘is that a normal schnauzer?’  ::) there aint nothing normal about fritz  😀 and that’s from mini schnauzer owners usually  😮

    oh and Val, just for you.. we have had ‘that’s a bearded collie’ a few times and with such conviction too….. we always joke about telling people ridiculous breed when they ask…..  😀


    ive had a few people ask if stan was a labrador 😀


    Rottweiller has been suggested for Piper, understandable I guess as their colouring is the same but build wise she a tad slighter  ;D


    My Corgi :  A cross between a fox and a sausage. 🙂


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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