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    Not trying to get soppy here, but I’d just like to say a honest and heartfelt thank-you to the members of this forum and specifically to Kiz and Val.

    I’ve had dogs before Sadie and loved them, but I knew nothing. I did very little research, received bad advice or advice that didn’t agree with me…basically flew by the seat of my pants.  Then I found this board and everything changed. When i got sadie i knew i needed help, just because of who she is, and who I am.  I’ve either found the help I needed on this board or have been directed to the appropriate place to find it.

    I’ve read the stickies so many times it’s ridiculous, I’ve spent hours, days trying to decipher Bev-speak  :-*  I’ve gone out and practised, failed and tried and tried again until a little glimmer of hope shone through that kept me going.

    Being amongst a group of intelligent and caring dog owners is a true blessing. It is priceless.  Whenever something goes amiss, or my monster hurts herself (again) this is the first place I come to.  If I need help with something , no matter what it is, I can find help here. 

    Not only that but I’ve developed a strong bond with the dogs of this board. I feel like they’re all Sadies friends. I tell her what Cuberts been up to, what the wonderful Dodger has been getting into , how adorable Honey is etc etc.  This really struck home when Beau went missing last week. I was worried sick and it felt very personal.

    Anyway, the reason I’m blubbering on is because of a specific thing that happened today with my girl, and it never would have happened without you lot.

    Sadie spotted a Deer in the forest, a big 5′ at the shoulder Doe, she pointed, Deer took off, Sadie tore off after it.    I whistled and she came straight back to my side abondoning one of her greatest joys in life.  If this was the first time I wouldn’t have mentioned it, but I’ve successfully called her off the last 3 Deer we’ve encountered.

    She’s by no means a perfect dog, and she won’t be winning any obedience comps any day soon, but she’s just like I want her.

    Without you guys, she’d still be running.

    Thanks, Nick.


    :yes: :yes: :yes: Well done x


    awww nick….. :'( :-* blubber blubber…good girl sadie…the best place to be is around dads feet…even when he falls over a cliff  ;D

    and you welcome…and that much appreciated by me at the moment …hugs xxxx


    That was so nice to read at the moment I am wading through a really bad cold that has knocked me right off my feet, but what a joy to read thank you for posting  :-* really pleased she came back and did not chase Bambi’s mother  😮 Keep reading the books



    she’s an amazing dog i would love to meet her – could you bring canada a little closer to our little island 😀

    claire x

    p.s. i know that buzz isnt it the BEST THING !!!!!!


    awwww  :'( that was lovely Nick  :yes:  :-* And Honeys very pleased you called her gorgeous  😉  :-*

    And Val – calling them Bambis mother somehow makes a dog chasing one seem even cruler  😀 So well done Sadie – and well done Nick – cos she didnt learn to do that on her own  :ok:  ;D ;D ;D ;D

    I think we all feel the same most of the time – and if i dont say it enough am also very very grateful  :yes:  :-*


    Without you guys, she’d still be running.

    Think your efforts had some thing to do with it ;D
    Remember the saying you can lead a horse to water…….
    Val and Kiz gave you the tools but don’t sell yourself short, you put in the effort 😉


    [quote author=*Nick* link=topic=12989.msg250078#msg250078 date=1226089483]

    She’s by no means a perfect dog,


    what you said was heart warming but i had to isolate this bit. she is, to you and the (more) progress and (more) bonding that you have achieved is, well, makes me feel good . that makes no sense,but i know what i mean. :canadian:


    Nick this was lovely to read and I can totally emphasis in all you say.  Even now after 3 years on this board the mainstays have forgotten more than I could ever know. 

    I dont think they realise just how mudge they make it all a bit easier for us.  I have had help choosing a breeder, a puppy then the support I received through various health issues with my pupster (who is now 2!!) and my own health has been tremendous.  I had a rescue now rehomed who was a total mess – without this board I would have given up on her. 

    I was a dog owner when I joined this board I am now a dog lover.  We have laughed together, cried together, worried together, prayed together, grieved together. 

    Nice to know that the love and support isnt just restricted to us Brits  ;D


    :'( 😀

    I think deep down Nick we all feel like that too, I’ve had Dobes 25 years, but have learnt more on this board in the 3 years I’ve been a member than I ever did before, its also the first place I look if mine get ill or injured or if I have a problem, not that I’ve had many, but have always been told how to solve it, and things have been sorted, its good to read about other peoples problems too and learn from the advice given.
    Its like a doggy encylopedia this board, its great, have made some great friends and met some great people :-* long may it continue ;D

    and Well done Sadie :-*

    Beau went missing 😮 😮 😮 when was that???


    I couldn’t agree more Nick! i hate to think where i’d be with dodger if i didn’t have the board 😮 I’ve learnt so much on here and I’m still learning new things everyday. The people on here are fantastic and i’ve made some real friends :yes:
    I was sooo happy the other day when i was out with my ‘old’ dodge. He was having the time of his life and minus the rabbit bit he was listening to everything i said but i think most of all I was enjoying it!i loved to see him running up and down the hill, digging his rock out of the ground and even loved watching how alive he looked when he was chasing the rabbit. I used to hate taking him out, dread it in fact, i’d do anything to get out of it – now i really enjoy it and i enjoy seeing him enjoy himself :-*

    I too feel as if i know each dog on here  :yes: i know the things they love and the things they hate, i know what they like to eat and what they can’t eat and i even know when they are ill and when they have sloppy pooh’s 😀


    Well said to Bev and Val, Nick, and about the rest of the board too, in the most nicest way, very well said  :yes: .


    nick that was lovely and well done to you and sadie :-*


    Nick this was great, very well said and yes i think we all feel the same  :yes: especially when we have times when everything goes right! thats when we take those moments to realise that actually we have come pretty far and so much is because we found this place and have been educated….and educated and continue to be educated every day!

    i can say the response from everyone on here when beau went missing was amazing and it touched me so much, so thank you Nick for posting this i think its great for Val and Bev (and everyone else thats helps us everyday) to know how much they affect our lives in such a positive way  :yes:

    so thanks Nick, Val, Bev and everyone!  :-*

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