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A reminder about dangerous foods

dogclub – Good dog food – Good for dogs Forums Dogs Health A reminder about dangerous foods

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    Hi all, reminding all members, especially new ones to check out the dangerous foods thread after an eventful night was had with Tobes.  Link to the thread is

    OK, so Alex gets himself a bowl of fruit and fibre and leaves it on the table for a sec, comes back, half bowl is gone and Toby looking guilty.  We estimated he’d had between 1-6 raisins but maybe more, this was at 1am.  We in a tizz but keep calm, he drinking plenty but the bran has made him thirsty by this point, decided to call local 24 hour vet line after searching on here.  Vet advised keep close watch but because we not sure how much he had advised we try to induce vomiting. 

    Was not happy but because I know you never induce vomiting unless what has been eaten could be more harmful than making vomit decided to give the salt water a try given toxicity risk.  He brought up a lot of bile very quickly but then nothing.  Called vet back, she happy that because all the water and a little bit of bran came up we give a small amount more salty water and if nothing then just keep a close watch giving a bulky meal in the early hours of the morning.  He seems OK today, he staying with my mam and he has done big wee and number two both fine so I’m relieved but with frazzled nerves. 

    Will keep you updated but I think he OK, I guess I’m suggesting we all read the thread and take a bit more care, and advise all to get some charcoal suspension for your first aid kits as we could have done with it last night.


    Hi Bev, I know the elfie lost your unreads, just wondering where I get charc susp and is it a standard thing I can buy or in differing concentration if that makes sense?


    ooooooopppsssss Naughty Toby >:D  Hope he’s okay :-*


    Hi Angela, hope Toby is better today? these dogs are sent to scare us and keep us on our toes.
    only Monday my stupid daughter left some chocolate on the sofa, about six or eight squares of a large bar. and goes off to talk to her boyfriend.
    thank god I have a six sense about Jessie and turned around to see she had something in her mouth shouted leave it and quickly got it from her before she had eaten it.

    Stupid daughter was cross with Jess shes only puppy I was cross with daughter and let her know that leaving chocolate around is bad.

    shes eighteen for gods sake, I dont think she will do it again she adores Jessie. 🙂

    anyway I have read that post its really good and advice all new members to have a read of it, my trainer gave all new members of out dog class a booklet with dangerous substances in it too. so lots of advice for all.

    Rachel and the gang!


    glad he ok ….old fashioned chemist should have it


    He’s doing OK today, I think he was confused by the fuss more than anything else, it’s hard to keep a straight head after he’s eaten it :-[ in future I’ll know what to do and have decided no food on the living room table even if passing through, after the jaffa cakes I’d have thought we’d learned our lesson, am very aware doing onions etc not to drop any bits, don’t have macadamia nuts in the house etc and apple cores go straight in the outside bin, these things are sent to try us!

    Thanks Bev, will add that to my lunchbreak shopping list, is bone day so going to market to pester the butcher for some more meaty bones, he bored of rib!


    OMG You must have had an awful night Angela  😮

    I live in fear of onions and grapes / raisins – thanks to hearing about it on here – I knew there was a reason why museli was bad  😉 (am not a breakfast person)

    Hope Toby has escaped this unharmed esp after all his good walkies  :-*


    apple cores are fine hun


    am glad you said that… cause Fritz eats the whole lot…
    it’s the pips that are the issue isn’t it? How many is a *problem*?


    About 10kgs, which makes about 100 kgs of apples if not more.  The dog will die from bloat overeating fruit before the pips cause any problems.

    My dogs eat my apple cores. 


    good good  🙂



    as few as 7 raisins are thought to be a risk – so they are really one to watch.

    when bonnie did this i called my vets and they considered it an emergency so my insurance paid out for treatment + call out.  she was given injections of something to make her sick and she sicked up about 1/2 dozen immediately (i didnt know how many she’d eaten – harry had shared his raisins through her crate door !!)

    Claire x


    Awww poor Toby (and you!!) glad to hear hes ok.

    Unlikely to have this problem with Honey- she very unlikely to touch a bowl of food, unless I shoved it in her face and said eat it  😀 she not one for ‘stealing’

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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